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new dis, who phone?
new phone, who dis?
Graci Bryce, it worked and i can join now. thanks for the help!
I replied to your thread, alucard
how does one go about joining the server? it keeps saying it can't resolve host name...
You do not have access to shout.
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You can't submit the form.

New Pack

[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted Sep 8, 18

Hello All,

I'm proud to announce the release of the Galaxy-Craft Lite modpack! It's a new pack designed to provide a unique and exciting experience without the bloat of most modern modpacks.

If you already have the old Galaxy-Craft Modpack installed, simply update it. If not, you can search for Galaxy-Craft Lite in the Technic Launcher to get started.

Please report any issues you find to a staff member, and stay tuned for our closed and open server beta programs!


We're Still Here!

[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted Aug 27, 18

Hey everyone!

I know it's been a year and a half since I last posted here, but we're still around and kicking. Now that I've moved into college for this semester, I should have some extra time on my hands to work on the pack and server. Speaking of which...

We're going to be launching a Galaxy-Craft Lite Modpack in the near future! Stay tuned here for updates, or join our Discord.

See you soon,

[ADMIN+] Mikfly a "Things are only impossible until they are not." Excited to be apart of this server again.

Signal Relay Log

[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted Feb 26, 17

> RelayOS 1.3 loaded.
> Starfleet Signal Relay A-109 ready.
> Opening comms.
## 2 days of logs not shown
> Starfleet dispatch received. Relaying...
> Dispatch relayed successfully. Message #4119123 archived.
## 16 days of logs not shown
> 29 ship distress beacons detected.
> 3852 lifeboat distress beacons detected.
> Relaying distress signals...
> A signal processing buffer overflow has occurred with error code 0x0B17.
> Unable to continue operation. Core dump 001 archived.
> Resetting…
> RelayOS 1.3 loaded.
> Starfleet Signal Relay A-109 ready.
> Opening comms.

That's right, folks. It's time to update your packs and grab your pickaxes. The mining expedition to the asteroid belt didn't go quite as planned. Now you're stuck among the asteroids with no ship and nobody coming to rescue you. Looks like you'll have to find your own way to the nearest Class-M planet. Version 1.3.0 of the pack is out and you can check out the changes here. The server will be reopened at 3:30PM on Friday, the 3rd, with some bonuses for the first to crash-land!

See you in the black.

xdMatthewbx >"and nobody is coming to rescue you" >teleports there and gives new player a rocke...
[ADMIN] TheCheeseMan first. gotem

Informational Dispatch

Subject: Paid Expedition to Asteroid Belt
To: All Corporate Fleets and Individuals

From: Admiral Cordia

Since the recent discovery of the “Galeron Drive” and the subsequent reverse engineering, our top scientists have been able to devise methods for cheap warp drive construction, without the need for massive infrastructure. We are extending an offer to all corporations and independents for a paid expedition into the nearby asteroid belt in order to gather necessary resources for our survival and construction of a new naval fleet. This expedition is in the interests of bolstering the system’s economy, and helping to rebuild some of our lost warp capable ships. All fleets and ships will depart together in several weeks, depending on the size of the response to this dispatch.

To sign up your fleet, or yourselves, come to the mobile fleet HQ in the Alexandria system. Coordinates are attached for those who do not have them already. Upon star system entry, you will be hailed and given further instructions.

Admiral Cordia

Informational Naval Dispatch

Subject: Update on Distress Beacons
To: All Naval officers

From: Fleet Admiral Roy

The military dispatch following is addressed to all Navy officers of the colonies of LM-34807b III.

Six months ago, a system sentry drone detected an unstable warp field within LM-34807b's sovereignty limits.

Since then, several officers have been searching for beacons and solving the mysteries of the beacons they found. Recently, Petty Officer TheCheeseMan48 cracked the encryption on the final distress beacon and followed its message to the exploration ship Athena. Once inside, he discovered the entire crew was dead. According to his reports, the warp core had failed and been forcibly shut down to prevent detonation. After this, the reactor had been drained of fuel, and the batteries drained of energy. Life support subsequently failed, though we're still investigating how long ago this happened before TheCheeseMan discovered the ship.

We have determined that there was no EM weaponry onboard, and the mass failure of the sensor grid aboard Starbase-1 and countless drones system-wide was caused as a side effect of their failing warp core.

While investigating the ship, TheCheeseMan encountered a barely-functional AI that instructed him to remove a strange crystal from what it called a "Galeron Drive" due to the loss of main power ship-wide. He has since brought this crystal to our team of scientists, who are studying it around the clock to determine its purpose, origin, and potential uses.

I don't have to remind you all that since the destruction of Earth and the forced exodus of Nibiru, large amounts of advanced technology have been lost. As it is, we are restricted to a very small number of warp-capable ships, which are aging and in disrepair. Without facilities to fully repair them or build new warp drives, we have been forced to retreat time and time again. The technology on the Athena may help us regain the ability to construct warp drives and fight back against the unknown forces that attacked us on Nibiru.

In commendation of his service and contribution to the investigation, TheCheeseMan48 has been given a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations!

Now that we know the nature of the anomaly, all ground troops and naval personnel may stand down from tactical alert.


Fleet Admiral Roy

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