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Adkkid and I have finally restarted work on the next Galaxy-Craft pack update, which will remove many unused mods, add some new ones people have been asking for, and generally clean up NEI. I'll update this as we continue to make changes.

Also, prepare yourselves for ComputerCraft to make a comeback!

Edit: Here's a link to our To Do List.

[LTCMD] adkkid It's certainly been a while. We're excited to get everything back up and running soon.
[PO] cimnyswift11 Is it me or has it been a year since i've played on this server?

Server up

[ADMIN+] brainbendjr a posted Aug 21, 15

Blightfall is up despite uptime ping, make sure to come on and check it out, grab a team and explore the blight smitten planet!

[PO] mastercheifm2 This is so much fun and I like that you have challenges to do and the main goal is to populate the island all off all th ...
[LTCMD] adkkid Seriously, its fun. You should play. No, really.
[LTCMD] adkkid I just started today, and I'm having a blast. Anyone who's thinking about joining but hasn't totally should.

While our main server is being worked on, we have put up a Blightfall server!

After the destruction and takeover of humanity's inhabitited systems and the settlement of the new homeworld, a new generation of colony ships has been made and manufactured on the homeworld. Scientists noticed a planet teeming with life, and a new colony ship, the Jaded, was commisioned. You were selected by the oversight of the Jaded through a rigorous process. You will be sent to this new world in search of life and the hopeful establishment of a new colony to harbor what is left of humanity. But as the ship arrives in orbit, something isn't quite right. Grab a team and get ready to explore, survive and thrive... if you have what it takes.

The IP is . Make sure to use the new Blightfall modpack.

[ADMIN+] Mikfly a Its fun, and really difficult to start. I didnt want to, but I died 7 times after a possessed chicken killed all our ani ...
[LTCMD] adkkid Exciting! I've never played Blightfall, I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Stay Tuned!

[ADMIN+] brainbendjr a posted Aug 16, 15

Don't worry everyone! We're not dead! There will soon be a news update revealing our most recent development, make sure to stay tunned! 

[EN] Mielle Let me guess, Blightfall?

Edit: Map reset is in progress! Read below!

In the recent months, the server has been experiencing a massive amount of lag, crashes, bugs, issues, and other odd behavior. My staff and I have come to the conclusion that the best, fastest, and easiest way to resolve all this is to reset most of the map. This will allow us all to rejoin the server without lagging or crashing and start fresh. It will also allow us to add and remove mods that we could not previously due to the size of the world.

Please read through these lists of what will and will not be reset. Feel free to make any suggestions for changes to the lists or questions about them in the comments.

If we reset the map, the following will not be reset:

  • Spawn
  • The Starbase (still under construction)
  • Other official server buildings and areas
  • Economy
  • Ranks, permissions, and abilities
  • Certain selected player-created buildings and areas (although their contents will be removed)
  • All paid items from the 1.7.10 server (paid items from the 1.6.4 server will no longer be carried over)

The following will be reset:

  • Overworld terrain
  • All other dimensions
  • Achievements
  • All players' buildings and areas that can be easily rebuilt, including my base
  • All players' inventories, including Baubles, Galacticraft, and Tinkers' Construct inventories
  • Alchemical bags
  • Thaumcraft research and warp effects
  • Genes

Live long and prosper

[PO] IHellmaster can u make a download for the old map? to play it in singleplayer or to copy old buildings and machines
[PO] cimnyswift11 Hey brycey when will the reset be done
[EN] Mielle Blightfall?!?
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