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To all space travelers,

Today we received the news that our Admiral Spock, a.k.a. Leonard Nimoy, passed away.

Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... human.

We will remember him, to the end of days.

He went where no man had gone before.

Live Long And Prosper, Spock

[CAPT] Idonoghue Yes death is a terrible thing. But as Mielle mentioned, perhaps he has reached the final frontier after all.
[LT] sonny_666 I think I may have just cried. I just found out about my childhood idol's death a few minutes ago. Live Long and Prosper ...
[LTCMD] adkkid This has hit me harder than I originally expected. I really can't put my feelings into words about this. I always looked ...

Server Rollback

[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted Feb 15, 15

Since this morning, the server has been crashing repeatedly when certain users logged in or certain chunks were loaded. This latest issue appears to be related to BuildCraft powering Galacticraft machines. There was additionally another crash issue related to BuildCraft power pipes alone. Unfortunately, the current world is unrecoverable. For this reason, we must rollback to 4am. A ban will be placed on all BC power pipes and engines until Galacticraft and Buildcraft are updated to fix the crashes.

I will respawn any and all items lost in this rollback. Simply leave a comment on this post with a list of what you lost. If the item was crafted, infused, created in a machine, or somehow derived from other items, I will need any component materials you have before respawning the item.

For example, I will respawn your TT Kami Ichor as long as you give me a nether star, ender and nether shards, diamond, eye of ender, and a reasonable amount of essentia.

[CAPT] Idonoghue I can't remember everything exactly. I was mining so I got ores, although I basically remined almost everything. The wor ...
[OWNER] Brycey92 a It's fixable, it just requires effort. And IRC.
[LTJG] gsm710 Good to see you all are having a good time on GC once again. If my Technic would work i would gladly join all of you, s ...

Temporary EMC Ban

[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted Feb 12, 15

Due to a large amount of EMC dupe loopholes, Energy Condensers have been temporarily banned while we rework EMC. Anyone we knew of with a condenser has had it removed by staff and refunded as its crafting components. If you still have a condenser, please peacefully turn it over to a staff member to have it refunded. If you know of anyone intentionally hoarding or using condensers after being made aware of this ban, please discretely report it to a staff member, with proof. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

The server has crashed again due to the use of an Osmotic Enchanter. We are attempting to apply a fix to the world, but if that is unsuccessful, we may need a rollback. Stay tuned for more details.

Edit: The fix was successful, and there has been no rollback! See you all on the server!

On Febuary 26, the FCC will vote to save net neutrality or let Comcast and other ISPs create Internet slow lanes. Some members of Congress, on behalf of their Cable donors, are trying to stop the FCC from protecting the Internet.

If ISPs are allowed to create slow lanes, many of us will be incapable of playing on Galaxy-Craft or other Minecraft servers on our home internet connection without extreme amounts of network lag. Some may never be able to play again! Forget Netflix, forget YouTube, and forget downloading anything large, such as Minecraft modpacks. Without net neutrality, the Internet will never be the same. Please take a few seconds to click this countdown and send a message to your Congressmen.

That's right, cadets! 

I now proudly present to you the 1.7.10 Galaxy-Craft modpack!

It can be found at the same old place, and the old 1.6.4 pack can be found here.
There will most likely be more updates before the server is ready, but hey, at least updates will be super-fast now. Anyway, enjoy the pack! Make sure to report any bugs here.
I have chosen to switch our pack to the Solder API, which unfortunately means it's going to take longer to release it, but it does have a lot of benefits, including:
  • Only download the files that changed in an update!
  • The pack won't take hours to update
  • I don't have to upload a 160 MB zip file every time I make an update, and you don't have to download it either
  • You can keep your keybinds and graphics settings between updates (most of the time)
  • No more dealing with Dropbox's public link bandwidth limits
  • You can choose which version to use (the server will always be on the recommended version)
  • Our Technic Platform pack page gets a cool tab where you can see all our mods, with details and links to each website
  • I'm pretty sure if your download fails partway through, it can pick up where you left off

The switch to Solder was made possible by Jwaggz, so if you see him around, be sure to thank him for letting me use his web server!
That's right folks, we almost have a version of the brand new 1.7.10 pack ready for public beta! A current list of things that have to happen before it can be released can be found below.

Additionally, we continue to make great leaps and bounds of progress in preparing the new server for closed beta testing, and it's going to be awesome. I'm really excited about it, so you should be too! A to-do list can be found below for that as well.

Live long and prosper, Galaxy-Craft community!

Key: Done | In progress | In progress - this is a tricky one | To do | On hold | Cancelled

Update every mod, find replacements, and leave out inessentials that haven't updated
Configure everything
Get the pack to run on all operating systems
Fix the immibis problem
Fix the launcher's unzipping problem
Install and test a RedPower machines replacement
Configuration and server compatibility checks
Wait for Cauldron to update to fix compatibility issues
Find out if Optifine is causing lag or fixing it
Get rid of the ugly Biomes o' Plenty biomes
Wait why are the oceans so glitchy? (Who cares, this is taking forever.)
Finally move the modpack to the Solder API

Get the server working!
Update all our plugins
Repair or remake all custom commands from the Tekkit server
Solve a cauldron performance problem
Wait for Cauldron to update to fix compatibility issues
Install and test Multiverse
Reinstall a mob disguise plugin
Find a suitable seed and pick a spot for planet spawn
Clean up and flatten the spawn area
Make a spawn
Make a nice MOTD, or copy the one from the Tekkit server
Recode Galaxy-Craft Addons
Finally get an armory set up
Super secret awesome project
Set up the item/block banlist for craftable things
Fix the ProjectE things on the banlist
Set up the custom EMC list
Fix the custom EMC list... again...
Set up the item/block banlist for non-craftable things (Thaumcraft infusions, etc.)
Determine how to set up WG/LWC/GP with the new item/block registry
Set up the GriefPrevention protection list
Set up the WorldGuard protection list
Set up the LWC protection list

[EN] crafter341341 If I can help, give me a call!
SentryGuard If I can help in any way, msg me
[ADMIN] cye604 Maybe not have a laggy server? ...
10 days ago, the server was moved to a faster server computer, but since the MC server and world have not yet been optimized, there may be little to no discernible increase in speed. In other news, a 1.7 pack is in the works. More details TBA.
It has come to my attention recently that some of our newer players have been receiving errors upon trying to download the modpack. This is being caused by bandwidth limits on public links shared by free Dropbox accounts. I am looking into alternative file sharing sites with the following:
  • Fast speeds
  • Free accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth (or at least a lot of it)
  • Direct links (none of that mediafire "click to download" stuff)
  • Easy to use interface, or a program to sync folders with the site
If anyone knows of any sites that meet these criteria, please let me know in the comments. Thanks, guys!
[PO] Amosery I'm a big fan of your mod pack so i think, i can help a little bit. i'm owner of a web server with a online shop on it. ...
[ADMIN] cye604 (pulling straws here) You could try Skydrive, Onedrive, Appledrive (?). Some of those may have direct links.
[OWNER] Brycey92 a I tested google drive, and it doesn't have direct links, so it can't work with the launcher.
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