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Edit: Map reset is in progress! Read below!

In the recent months, the server has been experiencing a massive amount of lag, crashes, bugs, issues, and other odd behavior. My staff and I have come to the conclusion that the best, fastest, and easiest way to resolve all this is to reset most of the map. This will allow us all to rejoin the server without lagging or crashing and start fresh. It will also allow us to add and remove mods that we could not previously due to the size of the world.

Please read through these lists of what will and will not be reset. Feel free to make any suggestions for changes to the lists or questions about them in the comments.

If we reset the map, the following will not be reset:

  • Spawn
  • The Starbase (still under construction)
  • Other official server buildings and areas
  • Economy
  • Ranks, permissions, and abilities
  • Certain selected player-created buildings and areas (although their contents will be removed)
  • All paid items from the 1.7.10 server (paid items from the 1.6.4 server will no longer be carried over)

The following will be reset:

  • Overworld terrain
  • All other dimensions
  • Achievements
  • All players' buildings and areas that can be easily rebuilt, including my base
  • All players' inventories, including Baubles, Galacticraft, and Tinkers' Construct inventories
  • Alchemical bags
  • Thaumcraft research and warp effects
  • Genes

Live long and prosper

[PO] IHellmaster My base is at the /warp home i am not at home si i can not check the coordinates sorry
[EN] Mielle It might be fair to give everyone who wants a small starter kit? Some resources, tools, base blocks, machines, etc. And ...
[OWNER] Brycey92 a IHellmaster, what are the approximate coordinates of your base? We can evaluate it for not being reset.


[ADMIN+] brainbendjr a posted Jun 20, 15

Please excuse downtime, we had an error with our banlist and are currently fixing it and removing banned items from the server. Thank you for your patience.

Update: The banlist has been fixed and all EMC-related items have been removed from the world. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

[PO] cimnyswift11 noo!!! my favorite server!!!!!!!!
[PO] zurco how long untill upp again?

After 2 months, we finally have a new pack update! Many mods have been updated, and a lot of bugs have been fixed. Unfortunately, the server has developed an extreme amount of lag with this update. We are beginning an investigation into this problem, but there is currently no ETA to a fix. Stay tuned for updates.

Update: Some users report no increase in server lag from previous pack version. Results may vary.

[EN] Mielle Dormenting mielle awakes at the sound of laf
[PO] cimnyswift11 yayyyyyayyayayayyay yay

Please excuse our current downtime, we are experiencing an unknown problem with the server network, the problem will be investigated as soon as possible, we apoligize for this inconvinience. Please check in for updates.

Edit: The server is back online, there where networking issues with the modem and router, after a restart functions resumed back to normal.

[LTCMD] adkkid Patiently waiting is hard when you aren't patient.
[PO] gogodiego123 :( I was just getting one

Effective immediately, all donator ranks are being reset to PO in preparation for our April rank overhaul!

All donator ranks in the shop will be given new permissions, commands, and perks, and all old, nonfunctional perks will be removed from the lists. We are also modifying prices of certain ranks to smooth out the existing price jumps.

In addition, we will be adding 2 or 3 new ranks! Luckily, we have kept the usual fooling around to a minimum, so this won't be another month-long procrastination project.

Edit: Yeah, everything about this post is true except the first line. Gotcha! ;)

Stay tuned for more info!


[LTCMD] Nago_jolokio You say this right after I get a new rank.
[LTCMD] adkkid Finally. Been waiting for this for a while now. Glad that we can put our old ranks behind us now. Lt Cmdr was getting ki ...
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