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10 days ago, the server was moved to a faster server computer, but since the MC server and world have not yet been optimized, there may be little to no discernible increase in speed. In other news, a 1.7 pack is in the works. More details TBA.
It has come to my attention recently that some of our newer players have been receiving errors upon trying to download the modpack. This is being caused by bandwidth limits on public links shared by free Dropbox accounts. I am looking into alternative file sharing sites with the following:
  • Fast speeds
  • Free accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth (or at least a lot of it)
  • Direct links (none of that mediafire "click to download" stuff)
  • Easy to use interface, or a program to sync folders with the site
If anyone knows of any sites that meet these criteria, please let me know in the comments. Thanks, guys!
[PO] Amosery I'm a big fan of your mod pack so i think, i can help a little bit. i'm owner of a web server with a online shop on it. ...
[CAPT] cye604 (pulling straws here) You could try Skydrive, Onedrive, Appledrive (?). Some of those may have direct links.
[OWNER] Brycey92 a I tested google drive, and it doesn't have direct links, so it can't work with the launcher.

New Server IP

[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted May 11, 14
We have recently changed our server IP to
This IP should be used for both the Minecraft server and the old Ventrilo server. The ports have not changed.
[OWNER] Brycey92 a Almost none of what you just said made sense... lol
[OWNER] Brycey92 a We need help balancing mob drops with the economy, so if you or anyone you know is good at selecting precise drop amount ...
[LT] SentryGuard It appears that we are having some trouble getting the player # back up to normal, anything that I can do?
The causes of the latest crash were conflicts between Mekanism and Galacticraft, and corrupt server and mod config files. The config files have been fixed, and a pack update has been released to resolve the conflict. There was a short rollback to a couple of hours before the crash, so only a few players should have been affected.
[OWNER] Brycey92 a Just restarted it.
[PO] CriticalPrime9 Hey idk if u know but the server is down again
[OWNER] Brycey92 a The reason for that, frosb, is that we aren't advertising yet. And by your defeatist attitude, I'm guessing you were uns ...
After much work and map editing, the server is back online, and the map is stable. Additionally, all lag problems we have been having are gone!

When user activity returns to normal, I will be holding drop parties to make up for the recent downtime.
[CPO] jake1497man Do you have two or more gigabytes allocated?
[LT] sonny_666 I can not run the modpack.
Unfortunately, all attempts to solve the lag problems have failed, and the current world is only becoming more corrupt. We will be rolling back to February 26th, and unfortunately, I cannot allow any players to take their items back with them, since it would allow everyone to duplicate their possessions. The only exceptions are for players who joined after the 26th, who will be allowed to place all their items into backpacks which are to be given to me prior to the rollback.

On the bright side, we are becoming closer to finishing spawn, and closer to having a working economy where mobs drop credits.

Any player that feels they have created something significant which would be difficult or time consuming to reproduce since the 26th can contact brainbendjr or myself. We will appraise your creation or created items, and copy them to the world after rollback, at which point we will remove the materials used to create the construction or items from your possession. An example of what we would copy through the rollback would be an intricate building or factory, or an item that requires a lot of crafting, such as an HV Solar.
[PO] PhyscoMonkeys is cool im playing on attack of the bteam no need to put all ur hard work into it
[CPO] jake1497man The server has already been rolled back past the point where i did all the work so... yeah i can't
[OWNER] Brycey92 a The base you and recon constructed will be copied back into the world after the rollback. As such, anything in chests, m ...
Due to recent lag problems and console errors, I have stopped the server for the time being. I have the world open in a map editor, and I'm working on fixing the cause of the problems. There is currently no ETA on completion, but I will hopefully be done soon. Check back for updates.

Edit: Attempts to resolve the problems have been unsuccessful. We can either rollback to several days ago (at least a week, probably more) or check for a fix to Thaumcraft. I'll probably try updating TC first, and release a pack update. If that doesn't work, we'll have to endure the rollback.
[EN] isaacsilja When this server was a tekkit server the star trek themed worked really well but with the new modpack the theme doesnt f ...
[OWNER] Brycey92 a Something is wrong with Natura again. A map rollback to 2 days ago may be necessary.
[CPO] jake1497man Omfg D:< with the update im having the previous problem -_-
We have finally fixed the crash upon pack launch that was affecting half our users. The pack version is now 1.1.9.-1, as it undoes half the 1.1.9 update.
The recent pack update (1.1.9) added Thaumic Tinkerer Kami, which is an endgame Thaumcraft addon, and fixed the client crash when checking the usage of an item with NEI. The update also contains updates to Thaumcraft itself, ChickenBones' mods, and Rotarycraft/Reactorcraft.

A second pack update was tested ( which contained the latest version of Galacticraft, but it caused server and client crashes upon placement of Electric Compressors. Therefore, the second pack update was dropped. Until the problem is fixed in Galacticraft, we can't update the mod.
[CPO] Frozah Alright, the Modpack has been updated to resolve the issues revolving the Modpack crashing immediately upon start. Give ...
[CPO] jake1497man Bryyyyy im going threw withdraw i need to play on the serverrr lol
[CPO] jake1497man Alright awesome

New Moderators!

[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted Feb 12, 14  -  moderatorsstaff
Please congratulate Galaxy-Craft's new moderators:






Remember these 5 are volunteering their play time to help keep the server clean and friendly. If you see them online, be sure to say congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who applied. I cannot express the joy it gives me to see so many wanting this server  to prosper. It really was a challenge to pick only four, when so many are ready to help. To those who were not accepted, I say don't let that get you down. You are a valuable member of the server, and there is always next time.
[PO] frosb013 I am so annoyed that I didn't get mod.# ...
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