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[OWNER] Brycey92 a posted Wed at 18:03

Automated report from star system sentry drone 137b:

[2516.139 17:51:08] Unknown unstable warp field detected 66.793944 light-minutes from system primary, 0.016345 light-minutes from drone. Designate event alpha.
[2516.139 17:51:08] Powering impulse engines in investigation of event alpha.
[0.0 0:0] Power recovered. Device clock reset. Requesting stardate from sentry drone 136c...
[2516.139 18:02:15] Stardate received. Using format YYYY.DD hh:mm.
[2516.139 18:02:53] POST completed. Impulse engines offline.
[2516.139 18:02:54] Requesting repair from service drone 9...
[2516.139 18:02:57] Transmitting current log to Starbase-1...

After days of fixing and testing, the server is back online! No rollback was needed.

See you on the server!

Since the update last night, an issue has arisen with the server causing client crashes on reconnect. The server has been whitelisted and the issue is being looked into. As soon as a fix is found, the server will return to normal operation.

Hope to see you soon!

The Galaxy-Craft server has launched

Feel free to join in and say hello! If you have any issues or questions at all, don't hesitate to send us a message on the site or submit a /ticket in game. See you serverside!

It is with great pleasure that the Galaxy-Craft staff and I announce the official relaunch of the server!

It's been a long time since the official server has been public, but the extensive work required to prepare the server for the public is almost complete. Once we finish putting on the finishing touches, we will host a grand reopening party! Expect cake and party favors. A countdown to the event can be found on the site's main page and central hub page.

Transferred Bases
If anyone had a base on the last server, it was most likely transferred over, minus items and tech. If you believe you have a base that was copied, please contact a staff member so we can grant you claim ownership. If you would rather start fresh, you can either attempt to sell your base or ask to donate it to another player. Due to the long period of time since the last public server, and to give everyone a chance to return to their homes at Galaxy-Craft, untransferred claims on player bases (in blue on the dynmap) will not expire.

Contact Us
If you have any further questions, please contact a staff member, join our discord server, or reply to this post on the site's main page or hub page. I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Live long and prosper

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