Priority Naval Dispatch

By [OWNER] Brycey92 a - Posted May 25, 16

Priority Naval Dispatch

Subject: Orders to Investigate Anomalous Object
To: All Naval officers

From: Fleet Admiral Roy

The military dispatch following is addressed to all Navy officers of the colonies of LM-34807b III. Please treat the following mission as urgent.

A system sentry drone has detected an unstable warp field within LM-34807b's sovereignty limits as of 17:51, six days ago.

This unidentified warp source was likely armed with EM based weaponry, and caused a mass failure of the sensor grid aboard Starbase-1 as well as all inner-system drones and several outer-system drones prior to entering sensor range. A civilian inter-system dispatch boat that happened to be docked at the shuttleport was able to detect a high-energy projectile crash somewhere in Capital City. Since the city is still standing, the projectile most likely made a semi-controlled entry into the atmosphere. Due to the damage to the sensor grid of our local Starbase, we are unable to trace the exact coordinates of the energy source. However, we suspect that this projectile may contain clues to the origin of the warp field detected last week.

The technology onboard the unidentified vessel appears to be significantly more advanced than our own, based on preliminary damage reports and outer-system sentry drone sensor logs. As Navy officers, your mission is to investigate what our scientists are calling a "beacon", and report any significant findings to Captain Winova on the Starbase.

Please take caution when investigating this energy source. While there is no immediate confirmation of danger, this anomaly has caused significant damage to our infrastructure. You are to take all precautions necessary for a first-contact situation with a potentially hostile force, while above all, protecting civilian life and not damaging relations with what may be a friendly civilization.

In addition, you are to preserve any technology you recover and bring it back to the Starbase for examination. Since the destruction of Earth and the forced exodus of Nibiru, large amounts of advanced technology have been lost. As it is, we are restricted to a very small number of warp-capable ships, which are aging and in disrepair. Without facilities to fully repair them or build new warp drives, it is imperative that we do not lose a single vessel in a conflict. Recovery of lost knowledge may assist in restoring our civilization to its former glory.

Any officer who succeeds in recovering technology or enough data in regards to this anomaly will be awarded with a promotion and a bonus payment. However, keep in mind that mission success is dependent on your adherence to not only the Prime Directive, but to all appropriate procedures. This is full tactical alert of all ground troops and naval personnel, and there is a small but statistically significant chance to precede a Case: Zulu.

Remember, officers, that you may be the face representing our colonies. Failure may result in not only severe punishment, but the destruction of our system.


Fleet Admiral Roy

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