Informational Naval Dispatch

Subject: Update on Distress Beacons
To: All Naval officers

From: Fleet Admiral Roy

The military dispatch following is addressed to all Navy officers of the colonies of LM-34807b III.

Six months ago, a system sentry drone detected an unstable warp field within LM-34807b's sovereignty limits.

Since then, several officers have been searching for beacons and solving the mysteries of the beacons they found. Recently, Petty Officer TheCheeseMan48 cracked the encryption on the final distress beacon and followed its message to the exploration ship Athena. Once inside, he discovered the entire crew was dead. According to his reports, the warp core had failed and been forcibly shut down to prevent detonation. After this, the reactor had been drained of fuel, and the batteries drained of energy. Life support subsequently failed, though we're still investigating how long ago this happened before TheCheeseMan discovered the ship.

We have determined that there was no EM weaponry onboard, and the mass failure of the sensor grid aboard Starbase-1 and countless drones system-wide was caused as a side effect of their failing warp core.

While investigating the ship, TheCheeseMan encountered a barely-functional AI that instructed him to remove a strange crystal from what it called a "Galeron Drive" due to the loss of main power ship-wide. He has since brought this crystal to our team of scientists, who are studying it around the clock to determine its purpose, origin, and potential uses.

I don't have to remind you all that since the destruction of Earth and the forced exodus of Nibiru, large amounts of advanced technology have been lost. As it is, we are restricted to a very small number of warp-capable ships, which are aging and in disrepair. Without facilities to fully repair them or build new warp drives, we have been forced to retreat time and time again. The technology on the Athena may help us regain the ability to construct warp drives and fight back against the unknown forces that attacked us on Nibiru.

In commendation of his service and contribution to the investigation, TheCheeseMan48 has been given a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations!

Now that we know the nature of the anomaly, all ground troops and naval personnel may stand down from tactical alert.


Fleet Admiral Roy

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