Informational Dispatch

Subject: Paid Expedition to Asteroid Belt
To: All Corporate Fleets and Individuals

From: Admiral Cordia

Since the recent discovery of the “Galeron Drive” and the subsequent reverse engineering, our top scientists have been able to devise methods for cheap warp drive construction, without the need for massive infrastructure. We are extending an offer to all corporations and independents for a paid expedition into the nearby asteroid belt in order to gather necessary resources for our survival and construction of a new naval fleet. This expedition is in the interests of bolstering the system’s economy, and helping to rebuild some of our lost warp capable ships. All fleets and ships will depart together in several weeks, depending on the size of the response to this dispatch.

To sign up your fleet, or yourselves, come to the mobile fleet HQ in the Alexandria system. Coordinates are attached for those who do not have them already. Upon star system entry, you will be hailed and given further instructions.

Admiral Cordia

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